Mykonos VIP guide 2024 - Beach clubs & nightclubs

MYKONOS VIP TABLES: The premier concierge company on the island, offering unparalleled access to top nightclubs, vibrant day clubs, exquisite restaurants, and luxurious villa rentals.

We also arrange yachts, transfers, helicopters, private jets, and personal drivers, ensuring every detail of your stay is meticulously taken care of.

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Booking fees on our services:

Nightclubs: No fee to book. We can book for you instantly in any nightclub without a fee.
Restaurants and beach clubs: A concierge fee from €200. Big events can have higher fees. These are tipically sold out venues and events where it is difficult to secure a table. Our concierge fee in this case includes all the handling and managing of securing for you and your group availability and good tables.

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These are the venues we can help with in Mykonos this 2024 season:

* UPDATE 1st July 2024 !!!!

Scorpios Mykonos is fully booked from the 15th of July until 15th of August 

Reccomended top restaurant alternatives for Scoropios (offer a comparable experience and still not fully booked) 


-> We can book all these three places (check conditions with us)

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Day beach clubs

Open until 00:00 for lunch, dinner, or minimum spend bottle service tables.

SantAnna Mykonos

SantAnna Mykonos offers a luxurious beach club experience with a sprawling pool, private islands, and VIP cabanas. Known for its upscale ambiance, it combines fine dining, world-class DJs, and a lively party scene.

santanna mykonos guide

Scorpios Mykonos

Scorpios Mykonos is a bohemian paradise that blends natural beauty with sophisticated design. It hosts sunset rituals, wellness activities, and vibrant nightlife, making it a holistic escape for music lovers and wellness enthusiasts alike.

scorpios mykonos guide

Alemagou Mykonos

Alemagou Mykonos is a rustic-chic beach club that captures the essence of a traditional Greek taverna with a modern twist. Located on Ftelia Beach, it offers a relaxed atmosphere with delicious cuisine, creative cocktails, and energetic beach parties.

alemagou mykonos guide

Principote Mykonos

Principote Mykonos is a luxurious beach club on Panormos Beach, known for its elegant setting and exclusive services. It features exquisite dining, high-end shopping, and a vibrant party scene, attracting a sophisticated clientele.

principote mykonos guide

Nammos Mykonos

Nammos Mykonos is an iconic beach club famous for its glamorous parties, celebrity sightings, and upscale dining. Situated on Psarou Beach, it offers a lavish experience with world-class cuisine, beachfront cabanas, and top-tier entertainment.

nammos mykonos guide

Spilia Mykonos

Spilia Mykonos is a unique seaside restaurant and club nestled in a natural cave on Agia Anna Beach. Known for its stunning views and fresh seafood, it provides an intimate and magical dining experience, followed by lively evening events.

spilia mykonos guide


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Mykonos best nightclubs

Open from 00:00 until 4/5 am for bottle service tables. 

Tabu Mykonos | Hip-Hop/RnB 

Tabu Mykonos is a chic and vibrant nightclub known for its energetic atmosphere and stylish decor. It features top international DJs, creative cocktails, and a trendy crowd, making it a go-to spot for nightlife enthusiasts.

tabu mykonos guide

Bonbonniere Mykonos | Open format

Bonbonniere Mykonos offers an exclusive nightclub experience with its luxurious interiors and world-class entertainment. Famous for its extravagant parties and celebrity guests, it provides a glamorous setting for a memorable night out.

bonbonniere mykonos guide

Toy Room Mykonos | RnB/Hip-Hop

Toy Room Mykonos is a boutique nightclub that brings an intimate and high-energy vibe to the island's nightlife scene. With its signature bear mascot and hip-hop beats, it attracts a fashionable crowd looking for a fun and lively party.

toy room mykonos club

Void Mykonos | House music

Void Mykonos is one of the island's most popular nightclubs, renowned for its cutting-edge design and impressive light shows. It hosts top DJs and offers a dynamic party atmosphere, drawing in both locals and tourists for an unforgettable night of dancing.

void mykonos club

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Restaurants for dinner

Interni Mykonos

Interni Mykonos is an elegant restaurant nestled in the heart of Mykonos Town, offering a chic and stylish dining experience. Its open-air garden setting, adorned with minimalist decor and ambient lighting, creates a serene yet sophisticated atmosphere. The menu features a fusion of Mediterranean and international cuisine, with each dish crafted to perfection using fresh, local ingredients. 

interni mykonos restaurant

Tuya Mykonos

Tuya Mykonos is a refined dining establishment that seamlessly blends French Mediterranean cuisine with the vibrant energy of Mykonos. Located in a stunning waterfront location, Tuya offers breathtaking views alongside its exquisite menu. The restaurant prides itself on its innovative dishes, combining classic French techniques with fresh Mediterranean flavors. 

tuya mykonos restaurant

Coya Mykonos

Coya Mykonos brings the vibrant spirit of Peruvian cuisine to the island, offering a unique and exotic dining experience. The restaurant's lively and colorful decor, inspired by traditional Incan culture, sets the stage for an adventurous culinary journey. The menu at Coya features a diverse range of dishes, from ceviche and tiraditos to grilled meats and seafood, all bursting with bold and authentic flavors. 

coya mykonos restaurant

Noema Mykonos

Noema Mykonos is a celebration of Greek heritage and contemporary culinary artistry, set in a beautifully designed space that combines rustic charm with modern elegance. The restaurant focuses on sustainable and locally sourced ingredients, offering a menu that reflects the rich culinary traditions of the Cyclades. 

noema mykonos restaurant

Zuma Mykonos

Zuma Mykonos is a world-renowned Japanese restaurant that brings its signature izakaya-style dining to the vibrant island of Mykonos. Located in a stunning beachfront setting, Zuma offers a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere where guests can enjoy exquisite Japanese cuisine. The menu features a variety of dishes from the robata grill, sushi, and sashimi, all prepared with the highest quality ingredients. 

zuma mykonos restaurant

Nammos Mykonos

Nammos Mykonos is an iconic beachside restaurant known for its glamorous ambiance and world-class dining. Situated on the pristine Psarou Beach, Nammos offers a menu that blends Mediterranean flavors with international influences, using the freshest local ingredients. 

nammos mykonos

Bagatelle Mykonos

Bagatelle Mykonos brings a touch of French Riviera glamour to the island, offering a chic and upscale dining experience. The restaurant is located in a prime spot with stunning views of the Aegean Sea, creating a perfect backdrop for its sophisticated menu. Bagatelle's cuisine combines French and Mediterranean influences, with dishes that are both innovative and classic. 

bagatelle mykonos restaurant

Subject to availability. Some venues may require a concierge fee to manage a request.

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