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Welcome to Principote, the fashionable destination on the vibrant island of Mykonos, Greece! Located on the exclusive Panormos Beach, Principote offers a unique experience that combines the elegance of the Mediterranean with the vibrant energy of nightlife.

As you step into Principote, you are greeted by a sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere. With its elegant and minimalist design, the club captures the essence of Mediterranean style, offering a chic and inviting ambiance that invites guests to enjoy the sun and sea in style.

The music at Principote is a celebration of good taste and fun. With a carefully curated selection of DJs and live artists, the club offers an eclectic soundtrack that spans from chill-out music to the latest pop and electronic hits. Whether enjoying a meal by the sea or dancing under the stars, at Principote you'll find the perfect combination of sophistication and fun.

The culinary experience at Principote is equally impressive. With contemporary Mediterranean cuisine and a wide selection of wines and craft cocktails, guests can enjoy delicious food and drink while relaxing on the beach or immersing themselves in the lively atmosphere of the club.

Principote is also known for its special events and exclusive parties that attract a cosmopolitan crowd of travelers and fashion lovers. From fashion shows to themed parties, every visit to Principote is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Join the fashion at Principote and discover why it's one of the most coveted spots in Mykonos. With its combination of elegance, fun, and vibrant atmosphere, Principote awaits you for an experience that will exceed all your expectations.

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