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Bonbonniere Mykonos Bottle Menu

Step into the electrifying world of Bonbonniere Mykonos, where every night is a spectacle and every moment is infused with luxury and excitement. Since its inception as a summer pop-up in June 2015, Bonbonniere Mykonos has emerged as a must-visit hotspot for the global jet set seeking an unparalleled party experience on the enchanting island.

Located in the heart of Mykonos, Bonbonniere Mykonos commands attention with its chic ambiance and star-studded clientele. From celebrity DJs to A-list personalities like Nicole Scherzinger and Lindsay Lohan, the club is a magnet for those in search of unforgettable nights and memories.

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Embrace the allure of Bonbonniere Club Mykonos as it transforms from a laid-back daytime retreat serving locally inspired cuisine on its expansive outdoor terrace to a pulsating nightlife destination after the sun sets. With its 24-hour operation, the club caters to island partygoers round the clock, offering an immersive experience into Mykonos' legendary nightlife scene.

As you peruse the bottle menu, you'll discover an array of premium spirits and champagne selections to elevate your VIP experience at Bonbonniere Mykonos. From iconic champagne labels to exclusive spirits, each bottle is carefully curated to enhance your night of revelry and celebration.

Bonbonniere Mykonos Bottle Menu

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Indulge in the epitome of extravagance with Bonbonniere Mykonos' signature offering: "The Bonbonniere." This renowned champagne show takes luxury to new heights as bottles of champagne are ceremoniously delivered tableside in a grand Fabergé Egg, creating a spectacle that is as visually stunning as it is deliciously decadent.

Join us at Bonbonniere Nightclub Mykonos and immerse yourself in the epitome of Mykonian luxury and nightlife. Let us transport you to a world where the champagne flows freely, the beats are infectious, and every moment is infused with glamour and excitement. Contact us for more information regarding Bonbonniere Mykonos bottle menu, bottle prices and bookings. 



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