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Bonbonniere Mykonos Bottle Service

Bonbonniere Mykonos has swiftly risen to prominence since its launch as a summer pop-up in June 2015, establishing itself as a premier nightlife destination for the island’s global jet set. Located centrally in the Tria Pigadia area, within the ODE Mykonos nightclub space and directly across from the Louis Vuitton boutique, Bonbonniere Mykonos has become synonymous with unforgettable party experiences.

By day, Bonbonniere Mykonos serves exquisite locally inspired cuisine on its expansive outdoor terrace. As night falls, the venue undergoes a transformation, turning into a vibrant hotspot for partygoers eager to immerse themselves in the island’s world-renowned nightlife. Bonbonniere Mykonos has attracted an array of star DJs and celebrities, including the likes of Nicole Scherzinger and Lindsay Lohan, making it the place to see and be seen.

bonbonniere bottle service

One of the highlights of the Club Bonbonniere Mykonos is its luxurious VIP table and premium bottle service. With approximately 12 VIP tables available, the club ensures guests receive top-notch service and an elevated nightlife experience. Each VIP table at Bonbonniere Mykonos comes with a dedicated hostess, security guard, and a personal cocktail waitress to cater to your every need. The VIP areas offer exclusive bottle service with prime locations close to the main stage, providing the best views of the performances and the energetic dance floor.

Bonbonniere Mykonos is renowned for its extravagant champagne show, famously known as “The Bonbonniere,” where bottles of champagne are delivered table-side in a giant Fabergé Egg. This unique spectacle is a must-see and adds an extra layer of opulence to the VIP experience. Bottle service and VIP table prices at Bonbonniere Mykonos start at a minimum spend of €1500 and can go up to €7000, depending on the table’s location and the night’s events. Check Bonbonniere Mykonos table map here.

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Reservations are highly recommended for those looking to secure a VIP table or bottle service due to the venue’s popularity. Bonbonniere Nightclub Mykonos frequently sells out, especially during peak season, which runs from May until the end of August. Booking a VIP table not only guarantees you a spot in one of Mykonos' hottest clubs but also ensures that you and your guests receive the highest level of service and attention throughout the night.

Experience the epitome of luxury and exclusivity at Bonbonniere Mykonos. Indulge in premium bottle service, enjoy the spectacular champagne shows, and dance the night away in one of the most glamorous settings on the island. Make your reservation today to ensure you don't miss out on an unforgettable evening at Bonbonniere Mykonos.



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